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Now an Official Google Partner

For anyone who runs digital ad campaigns for their business, you know just how important it is to find a reliable company that you can trust. While there are many [...]
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Show embedded page analytics using the Google Analtyics API and Google Charts API

My first article published on Developer Drive shows how to use the Google Analytics API with the Google Charts API to display page-specific analytics right in each page.
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Create a clean URL for your custom post type’s category archives

WordPress gained great functionality by adding custom post types and one great feature of custom post types is that it can share the same categories as regular posts. However while [...]
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Add CSS or Javascript to WordPress head for specific pages

Often I find myself needing to add a lot of extra styling to one or two pages in WordPress but I don't want to bloat my theme's style.css with lots [...]
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Fade out surrounding content for attention

Transparency can be a handy tool. Why not use it to fade out content that the user isn't focusing on?
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Customize the WordPress admin menu based on user roles

WordPress can be a powerful content management system but if you have multiple users often some can end up with permissions that you really wish they didn't have. There are plenty of plugins that [...]
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HTC Clock

Recreating the HTC clock widget with CSS3 and Javascript

One of the reason HTC's phones are so popular right now is their slick interface. The most iconic part of their interface is their clock and weather widget and with [...]
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YouTube show more button

One of the challenges of being a web developer is that sometimes you need to cram handfuls of content on a page like a manatee into a tube top without [...]
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